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History[ edit ] The statue was discovered in Italy: It was installed as the central feature of the Jardin de la Reine laid out west of the Galerie des Cerfs at Fontainebleau ; there it was the most prominently displayed and among the first Roman sculptures to be seen in France. Replacing it at Fontainebleau was Prieur’s bronze replica cast from it in Haskell and Penny For Marly a marble copy was executed by Guillaume Coustou in She looks toward the right, perhaps towards the very deer, as with raised right arm she draws an arrow from the quiver.

Her left hand can be seen to be holding the part of a bow, the remainder missing, in position for striking; the missing bow transforming the image into a simple pastoral one from one symbolic of huntress and prey.

For BBC Two viewers, the epic saga of Versailles is about to draw to a close – but with the final episodes having already aired on Canal+ in France, actor Alexander Vlahos has already got a.

Provides a brief overview of each royal family and their palaces, contemporary color photographs, period interior views, and family photographs. A travel guide for those who want to live like royalty. Royal Gardens of Europe by George Plumptre. Examines how royal gardens represented power; royal leisure gardens; the influence of English gardening on royalty in many European countries; restorations of important gardens; contemporary royal gardens; and more.

Includes a directory of gardens. Art of the Royal Court:

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It culminated in the addition of three new wings of stone the enveloppe , which encompassed Louis XIII’s original building on the north, south, and west the garden side. He also replaced Le Vau’s large terrace, facing the garden on the west, with what became the most famous room of the palace, the Hall of Mirrors. Work was sufficiently advanced by , that Louis XIV was able to proclaim Versailles his principal residence and the seat of the government of the Kingdom of France and also to give rooms in the palace to almost all of his courtiers.

After the death of his consort Maria Theresa of Spain in , Louis XIV undertook the enlargement and remodeling of the royal apartments in the original part of the palace, the former hunting lodge built by his father.

Once a palace, now a museum. Containing over 60, works, the collections of the Palace of Versailles span a very broad period. The collections reflect the dual identity of the Palace, as both a palace occupied by the kings of France and the royal court, and later a museum “dedicated to the glories of France,” inaugurated by Louis-Philippe in

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Welcome to Versailles, the BBC’s steamy new period drama set in the court of Louis XIV

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Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles, KY offers train excursions through the horse farms of Woodford County.

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Giving a sense of scale:

A Little Chaos masks the true story of Versailles’ incredible gardens

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Valley Pool & Spa in North Versailles, PA is the company’s original retail location and is also where our home offices are located. Dating back to March of , we have been servicing thousands of local customers for over 50 years through these doors.

Records indicate that late in the decade Claude Mollet and Hilaire Masson designed the gardens, which remained relatively unchanged until the expansion ordered under Louis XIV in the s. This early layout, which has survived in the so-called Du Bus plan of c. Accordingly, Louis XIV’s building campaigns apply to the gardens as well. Existing bosquets and parterres were expanded and new ones created.

It provided a protected area in which orange trees were kept during the winter months Nolhac , The grotto would be completed during the second building campaign Verlet Guests were regaled with fabulous entertainments in the gardens over a period of one week. Second building campaign Between and , a flurry of activity was evidenced in the gardens — especially with regard to fountains and new bosquets; it was during this time that the imagery of the gardens consciously exploited Apollo and solar imagery as metaphors for Louis XIV.

With this new phase of construction, the gardens assumed the topographical and iconological design vocabulary that would remain in force until the 18th century. Three additions formed the topological and symbolic nexus of the gardens during this phase of construction: It was as the cave of the sea nymph , Thetis , where Apollo rested after driving his chariot to light the sky.

The interior, which was decorated with shell-work to represent a sea cave, contained the statue group by the Marsy brothers depicting the sun god attended by nereids central grouping and his horses being groomed by attendants of Thetis the two accompanying statue groups. Originally, these statues were set in three individual niches in the grotto and were surrounded by various fountains and water features Marie ; Nolhac , ; Thompson ; Verlet The roof of the grotto supported a reservoir that stored water pumped from the Clagny pond and which fed the fountains lower in the garden via gravity.

A Little Chaos masks the true story of Versailles’ incredible gardens

So with French patriotism and their general national pride – we are totally f ‘! At war with the nobility, the princes and the law courts, Louis played by the British actor George Blagden is determined to impose his will on his courtiers and reconcentrate power around the throne. He is also intent on having lots of sex with lots of women.

Localisation. Le château de Versailles est situé au nord-ouest du territoire de la commune de Versailles sur la place d’Armes, à 16 kilomètres au sud-ouest de Paris, en entend, par «château de Versailles», à la fois la construction palatiale et ses proches abords, ainsi que l’ensemble du domaine de Versailles, incluant alors — entre autres — les Trianons, le Grand Canal.

A painting at Versailles shows an idealised view of its parks and gardens The Trianon Within those sprawling gardens the Grand Trianon was a focal point. This had been built by Louis Le Vau in , and was redecorated in by a collection of experts. As it was covered in blue and white porcelain, its name of the Porcelain Trianon was ideal. Unfortunately its lifetime was a short one. It was prone to cold weather damage and Louis so liked the spot that he commissioned the building of the Grand Trianon there.

The Grand Trianon was erected in by Mansart, replacing the Porcelain Trianon, in order to provide Louis with the retreat he wanted at the far end of the park. Despite having sealed himself off from most of society at Versailles, the king felt he needed a way of escaping the crowd of courtiers and the constraints of power. The building consisted of two wings joined together at the far end by a peristyle which was adorned with columns and tiled flooring through which visitors could catch a glimpse of the ornamental and flower gardens beyond.

It would have been and very much remains the perfect place to stand during summer showers.

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As the mistress of King Henri II, twenty year her junior, she wielded immense political influence. She was given the royal title of Duchesse de Valentinois, and much of the crown jewels. This dramatic turn of events shifted power to his widow, Catherine de Medici. Diane was invited to retire to her chateau of Anet, after surrendering Chenonceau and the crown jewels. Her exquisite taste is still on display in every architectural detail, and the interwoven DH monograms, for Diane and Henri, are omnipresent.

VERSAILLES VU DU CIELDe nouvelles perspectives offrent un point de vue inédit sur la cité royale. Pionnière de la ville-jardin avec un territoire de plus de 50% d’espaces naturels, Versailles a ainsi inspiré l’urbanisme de nombreuses villes dans le monde dont Washington, Karlsruhe et LLES FROM ABOVEDiscover never-seen-before pictures of Versailles with .

Alex Bailey The big show was crazy-brave. Fouquet had been diddling the books, and though he was hardly the only aristocrat with his hand in the pocket of the French state accounts, he had powerful enemies. Three days after dangling his wealth in front of the king, he was arrested on charges of fraud. He never saw Vaux again and died 19 years later.

Here’s a weird sub-plot: Le Notre and his colleagues fared better. The king ordered the trio to start at Versailles, and warned them it had better be better than Vaux. Le Notre used many of the pioneering landscaping techniques he had developed for Fouquet. He had a marvellous eye for matching architecture and formal planting with the topography of the site: He was also a natural mathematician who devised clever surprises and tricks of perspective in his gardens.

The scale of his vision is boggling, even more so when you know the Versailles gardens in his time were twice as big as they are now. Winslet’s Madame de Barra is a fiction, but the garden she creates in the film is real. The Grotto of Thetis was built as an outdoor ballroom with marble flooring, tiered seating and fountains that run over tiers of stonework and shells. The grotto is also part of Le Notre’s ingenious hydraulics scheme.

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Provides a brief overview of each royal family and their palaces, contemporary color photographs, period interior views, and family photographs. A travel guide for those who want to live like royalty. Royal Gardens of Europe by George Plumptre. Examines how royal gardens represented power; royal leisure gardens; the influence of English gardening on royalty in many European countries; restorations of important gardens; contemporary royal gardens; and more.

Includes a directory of gardens. Art of the Royal Court:

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But how much of this actually happened? Did the Queen have a black baby? It has been said that this could be the grown-up daughter of Queen Marie Therese. There were a few black servants. So we certainly know that there is a black baby born, probably to Louis XIV himself, who ends up in a nunnery. These were the days before dentists, after all.

Amazing Palace and Garden of Versailles

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