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Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: As far as i know, actual dating sims aren’t very common on the english market. The visual novel market is starting to pick up in the west, but while those are similar they aren’t true dating sims since they make use of routes as opposed to stat levels. For more information on VN’s, see this answer: As for actual stat based dating sims, this is the only one that i have ever seen in english http: The game is abandonware legal to distribute free since its so old , but all the websites you can download it from expect you to sign up to one of those ‘take free surveys’ services to download a set number of games. I downloaded it by signing up to one of those using a secondary email address which i use for this sort of thing, i never actually look at it and uploaded it to megaupload to make it easier for you and me in future. If you dont want to go downloading from me cant blame you , you can get the game from where i got it by creating an account at: When it asks you to choose your download partner, choose ‘snap dollars’ and answer ‘This page will explain what to do’ when it asks you to fill in the blanked area of the screenshot.

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Dating Sim. Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements. The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

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And female yes, contrary to popular opinion What country are you from? I’m English, but I live in the Netherlands – at least for the next week and a bit. Then I also need some specifics about your relationship with the Sims franchise: What was the first Sims game you played Sims with or without expansions , Sims 2 With or without expansions or Sims 3 with or without expansions? First one I played was Sims 1.

Apr 13,  · Conception II has some dating sim elements to it, Persona is the same though more friend sim. You could always import some Japanese games and see if anyone’s translated it to English, bit of a pain since you need to keep referencing the translations, but .

Click thumbnail to view full-size Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Saints Row: A Game Set In Hong Kong Sleeping Dogs follows the open world adventure formula closely and was released in for all the major platforms. Sleeping Dogs was originally going to be developed as the third addition to the True Crime series one that I loved , so if you have previously played True Crime and liked what was on offer then Sleeping Dogs is a great option. The player controls Wei Shen, an undercover police officer who infiltrates the Sun On Yee Triad organization definitely not something that is an easy task.

Unlike other GTA-inspired games though the focus is on hand-to-hand combat and relies on a cover system when the player chooses to use a weapon although I found it more enjoyable to always go for hand-to-hand as the control scheme really shines when you use it. As the game is of the free-roam genre players can progress at their own pace through the storyline.

Activities that players can participate in on the side include karaoke, street racing, stealing, dating, and fighting. All of these activities feel very connected to the game world rather than separate add-ons, which is always a hard thing to pull off with a large scale game.

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We’re just a group of gamers here, like you, doing what we love to do: So, if you like what we do and want to help us out, make an exception by turning off AdBlock for our website. In return, we promise to keep intrusive ads, such as pop-ups, off oprainfall. Maybe that little masculine touch?

Korean company Cheritz has been releasing their Japanese-style dating sim games into English for a couple of years now, and recently got those games onto Steam through Greenlight.

Yoichi was a student at Keio University , and when his family’s rural dyestuffs business failed he decided to pursue his interest in programming. The company to this day is located in the Hiyoshi area of Yokohama along with Erikawa’s alma mater. The company initially focused on personal computer sales and made-to-order business software. This subsidiary localized Koei games for export to all territories outside Japan, as well as producing original games and concepts with the leadership of designer Stieg Hedlund , like Liberty or Death , Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye , Gemfire and Saiyuki: After Hedlund’s departure, this subsidiary ceased game development in , focusing instead on localization, sales and marketing.

Though none of Koei’s historical simulations achieved mass market success, they acquired a loyal cult following. This following allowed Koei to remain profitable, since they could reliably predict how many copies of their games would sell [4] especially important during the cartridge era, when a surplus of unsold cartridges on a single game was often enough to bankrupt a company.

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From the very first scene, you are initiated into the world as an outside user making contact with another dimension with your Nintendo DS. Your main partner throughout the game is the Professor. He urges you to take control of a stranded teenager named Terry to do battle with his enemies.

There’s no shortage of simple, absurdist dating sims revolving around meme-status celebrities, including Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler, and John Cena, to name a few.

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This is the main point of Experimental Comic Kotone. My Bride is a Mermaid has an episode where San’s Dad, Lunar’s Dad, Shark Fujishiro, and Masa played one of these games in an attempt to understand girls’ feelings so they can better relate to San and Lunar. It ends up failing in an epic fashion. The World God Only Knows takes this to metafictional levels, featuring a Dating Sim otaku who captures escaped spirits by applying his knowledge of dating sims and their sub-genres.

Done as a joke at a comicon in Japan, where Studio Pierrot showed a redubbed set of Bleach clips meant to be an advertisement for an upcoming dating sim.

May 20,  · A lot of dating sim type visual novels are on vita. There’s only games on ps3 like ar tonelico 3, xblaze, and a couple others that are like date sims. Sakura Wars so long my love is good on ps2 and wii. That’s like 90 percent dating visual novel and 10 percent mech battles. DS PSP and vita are better systems to look for games like dating : Resolved.

Fun Tech , views Strange video games have existed since the dawn of gaming, but as they evolved from crude, pixelated graphics to slick realism, the Japanese have perfected the art of of the bizarre. Crude jokes, sexual humor, murder and mayhem — these are the elements used by Japanese designers to create some of the wildest video games ever made.

As the only human student attending St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a posh school for pigeons, you flirt with fair feathered friends, interact with fellow classmates and solve a mystery all while being pursued by tiny bird brained male pigeons who want to be your boyfriend. The first game has been fully translated into English and was released on PC in In the shoes of a tiny bloodsucking insect yes, it wears shoes , players terrorize a suburban family in search of human blood for the long, cold winter ahead.

Your mosquito flies around a family’s house draining their blood while trying to remain out of sight, so as not to be swatted out of the air. The game came out on the PS2 in , but die-hard fans still insist that the original Japanese version is better than the badly translated English version. Muscle March is a game full of homoerotic overtones, machismo and a bunch of really buff, well oiled men — yet it still received an E rating when it was released for the Wii console in

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