Christmas food ideas – Recipes and timings for vegetables and roast trimmings from top chefs


In an age when we crown a new chef sensation every other week and feature them in toothpaste commercials and on frozen dinners, the profession as a whole is misunderstood. Few people realize the amount of work it takes to not only rise to the top of the culinary pile, but stay there, endure and excel. It takes inherent skill and a natural propensity to cook, yes, but excellence is the result of experience, observation, constant experimentation, and perhaps most of all, tedious practice. A great chef is a master of food preparation. We all know that. But great chefs are also much more. They are business managers, accountants, mentors, field generals, artists, and counselors. They manage inventory, personnel, suppliers, food cost, and the expectations of customers and ownership.

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Great Italian Chefs Great Italian Chefs is a team of passionate food-lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy. Almost half of Abruzzo is either a national park or a nature reserve, which helps paint a picture of just how untouched this part of Italy is. Whilst it is located in the centre of the country, most Italians see Abruzzo as part of southern Italy, and that is certainly reflected in its cuisine, which is often simple, traditional and makes the most of humble ingredients.

Bordered by Le Marche to the north, Lazio to the west and Molise which was part of Abruzzo until the s to the south, the region is split into four provinces: When it comes to the cuisine, the most iconic elements are the abundance of lamb and the use of chillies dried or fresh, depending on the time of year as a seasoning. The more hilly and mountainous parts of Abruzzo are full of sheep, which makes up a large part of the local diet On the Adriatic coast fish plays a more important part, and you’ll often see traboccho fishing piers along the shoreline Ingredients and flavours.

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Star chefs open fourth restaurant in Honley

But the new Italian kitchen – aka Cucina Italiana – that has opened in Honley could just as well be named Quattro, for it is now the fourth outlet in the village by star chefs Richard Dunn and Wayne Roddis. The chef, TV presenter and author owns six sites in Padstow in Cornwall including a bistro, a cafe, a seafood delicatessen and a fish and chip shop. After 15 years in partnership, Richard and Wayne have solid ideas about what works.

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Forget guitarists and lead singers — these days, the real superstars are performing in the kitchen. Close behind them, however, a new breed of superstar chefs is emerging, willing to spend the long hours it takes to achieve the recognition of their customers, their peers and the all-important food critics. They are iconoclastic, and although respectful of what has come before, they are not bound by the old rules and are carving out their own reputations for innovation and quality.

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Industry chief Juliana Payne wants more female master chefs

If he cooked something for you it would probably be the best you’d ever tasted. He can be a cunt when a sous chef doesn’t meet his standards but most of the time he’s a pussycat. I enjoy her personality, but I don’t think I would want to each most of what she cooks. Martha Stewart’s Cooking and Baking shows are excellent.

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Chefs decode trends from the gastronomy world this year cooking Clockwise: Jewish food is gradually gaining popularity; Many people have included quinoa in their diet; Activated Charcoal bao and burger. Oct 16, , And thanks to globalisation, new ingredients, superfoods, dishes, cooking techniques and cuisines, etc, are taking the world by storm every now and then. The world over, chefs are constantly pushing the envelope and taking food to new heights.

After Hrs asked well-known chefs to share their insights as to what trends they have observed this year, so far One being, gluten-intolerance was not just a fad.

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As the rock stars of the restaurant world arrive Australia is struggling for chefs

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Top Chef Fan Favorite Fabio Viviani on Dating, Dining, & Kitchen Must-Haves w/ Laurel House

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